Totally useless Gifts Part 1




The other day I came across a huge article, almost full page about last minute, special gift ideas for the kid that has it all by a totally whacko parent(my opinion).  I don’t think the author of the article was praising these products.  You can hardly ever use the term Gob-smacking unless you are English, but this term is spot on.

For me the 9/11 coloring book and evil terrorist trading cards are a truly tasteless example of merchandising, who but an American entrepreneur could come up with an idea like this?

The 9/11 coloring book with endless images from crashing towers, screaming victims and onlookers and a sniper guarded G.W.Bush is G rated fun for the young.  Easy language provides the background information on the event.  Bonus material the faces of evil terrorist cards!!!  Unbelievable??  

This takes a star position in my book.  Worse though, is that there are probably enough stupid people out there in the land of women hating, gun toting, tea party, creationists who will await the squeals of delight of their young ones on Christmas morning!

You got to hand it to that brain behind this, that filled that missing product gap!  Maybe he is already working on the follow-ups…mass shootings at schools, malls and cinemas





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